Energy for Transformation

Our work begins by establishing a solid foundation with Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Emotional Success Coaching,  with optional added ‘ingredients’ ​including ​Whole Food Education and Energy Work.

What is EFT?
Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is a cutting-edge, scientifically-proven mind/body technique that quickly stops the stress response. It is used by mental health and wellness practitioners, therapists, coaches, educators, parents and individuals.

Conscious EFT uses a trauma-informed framework, to support safe, significant and sustainable change.

Benefits of EFT

  • manage stress in-the-moment
  • gentle and easy to learn
  • helps with depression, trauma, addictions, chronic health issues, pain
  • improves athletic performance, challenges around money, relationships or career
  • brings peace and calm to your busy day
  • transforms limiting beliefs, patterns and habits to help you experience the life you want

My deepest hope is to help people build their capacity to find peace and emotional stability and from there, to help transform what is preventing them from experiencing the life they want to live. – Georgia Barnwell, Energy for Transformation

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EFT & Coaching
Join me to experience Conscious EFT and Emotional Success Coaching to help you make the changes you need, in a safe space at your own pace. Your outside world will reflect the joy and freedom you feel on the inside. I am excited to begin this journey with you.
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What people are saying..

“I feel so fortunate to have connected with Georgia.  Her compassion, wisdom and guidance, creative approaches and commitment have helped me work through a really bleak time in my life.  I probably would have survived without Georgia’s help – but she has helped me to a place where I can imagine that I will thrive again.  I am grateful beyond words.” (Karen, 58, University Professor, Manitoba)

I would recommend Georgia’s approach and work to people who are experiencing symptoms of trauma or anxiety, especially related to  ourselves individually  and our shared future on the planet. She creates a safe space for those of us interested  in taking charge of creating positive transition for ourselves in a changing world. 
(N. S. Nova Scotia)

After an EFT session with Georgia, her explanation of the technique and  my hands-on practice allowed me to refocus my thoughts in a more positive way.  I appreciate that tapping can be done anywhere at any time!  I’ve used tapping when I’m walking by the ocean with my dog.  It is an easy way to release tension and bring positive energy into my body.  I really appreciate this alternative healing practice and I recommend Georgia as a valuable and thoughtful practitioner!  (R. L. Nova Scotia)