About... Me

I'm Georgia Barnwell, wellness and emotional success coach, lifelong learner, and eternal optimist living in Nova Scotia.

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Me and EP (Energy Psychology)

I am a graduate of the Harness and Master the Power programs from the National EFT Training Institute (NeftTI.com) in Canada. And I'm certified as a Master EFT Practitioner and an Emotional Success Coach. I use EFT and Havening Techniques as tools to help clients build a solid foundation for emotional self-regulation and as a tool to remove barriers that have held them back.

I have recently added Certification in Havening Techniques, a cousin of EFT, to my tool chest and I am loving how it brings new dimensions to my work with clients and myself!).

Georgia Barnwell

Lifelong Learner

I've had the privilege of working and learning in many different occupations and settings. I started my working life as an optician, helping people see clearly. Although I have moved on from the optical industry, my work has always been driven by my intention to help people to see more clearly. Whether it was through their new glasses or having a better understanding of how policies affect wellbeing or how a whole-food diet can help us have more energy, my work is about helping people see clearly where they are now, where they want to go, and how to get there.

I discovered Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology (EP) techniques including EFT/Tapping and Havening Techniques after many years of studying nutrition, Reiki and Quantum Touch. And these Energy techniques have become central to my personal wellness practice. These tools bring quick relief from stress and work more deeply to achieve long-term emotional stability and transformation of the limiting beliefs and patterns that hold us back.

Energy Psychology, including EFT and Havening Techniques, have been the most effective tools I have found to build a safe and solid foundation of wellness. Combining these tools with an exploration of our relationship with ourselves and our deepest desires has brought many new insights on how we can nurture and nourish ourselves to build joyful and creative lives.

I'm excited to share the many benefits of EFT, Havening Techniques and Emotional Success coaching with individuals and groups for safe, significant and sustainable change.

What is Emotional Success? In the simplest terms, we have found emotional success when we face what used to trigger us without being upset.



My Credentials

  • Certified Master Conscious EFT™ Practitioner & Certified Emotional Success Coach – National Emotional Freedom Techniques Training Institute (NeftTI)
  • Certified Advanced EFT Practitioner – EFT International
  • Certified Havening Techniques Practitioner – Havening Techniques®
  • BSc, Biochemisty/Nutrition – University of Ottawa
  • Master of Health Administration – University of Ottawa
  • Diploma in Holistic Nutrition – Edison Institute of Nutrition
  • Member: EFT International & International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT)
  • Certified in Body/Mind & Raw/Living Nutrition
  • Reiki Master
  • Quantum Touch Practitioner