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Join me for some online and in-person classes, multi-week programs and events where we will experience the power of tapping and whole-food nutrition to bring pleasure and balance to our daily lives. We will share some wisdom and take home some tools to support us daily.

Check below for upcoming classes or connect with me to discuss how to bring a custom virtual or in-person workshop to your friends, family or workplace.

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Small-Group Classes - In-Person OR Virtual

Connect with me to discuss how to bring these classes to your friends, family or workplace.


Tap into a New Relationship with Food

Are you:

  • FED UP with your Food?
  • Experiencing low energy
  • Can’t seem to shift your eating habits?

Bring a friend or organize a small group of friends to enjoy this program together.

Experience how Conscious EFT™ and anti-inflammatory nutrition can reduce stress and increase your appetite for life! Join me once a week for 7 weeks. Take home recipes for change based on Conscious EFT, Energy Medicine and Anti-inflammatory, & whole-food nutrition... and more!

In this 7-week, 14-hour program, in person OR live on Zoom, you will:

  • how stress, emotional instability, lack of clarity, fatigue, and overwhelm are related to inflammation in your gut
  • how to gain more energy, calm, and clarity by supporting your nervous system and gut to work together
  • simple, small, personalized steps for you to incorporate these learnings into your life


  • how Conscious EFT and anti-inflammatory nutrition can reduce stress and increase your appetite for life

Take home:

  • recipes for change based in Conscious EFT, Energy Medicine and Anti-inflammatory, whole-food nutrition
  • Put some Life in your Diet! video course and e-book with recipes to grow sprouts, create ferments & anti-inflammatory alternatives in your own kitchen

Stay Connected:

  • through a private Facebook Group

This is a small group program with a maximum of 6 participants and includes:


  • 7 weekly, two-hour group sessions on zoom or in person
  • Program slides and a workbook
  • A free 12-part video program and recipe book called Put some LIFE in Your Diet
  • Cutting edge information based on the latest research, including Conscious EFT™, Energy Psychology, anti-inflammatory nutrition, balancing our microbiome and how we can use these tools to create more balance, peace and calm in our daily lives
  • Facilitated exploration of our unique relationship with food and guidance on how we can make small, certain steps towards our food goals

We support change by focusing on a step-by-step process.

First, we ADD IN nutritious and anti-inflammatory foods, so we feel nourished and satisfied. Then we look at how to replace less nutritious foods. Finally, we begin to release the foods that cause us problems.

Package 1: Group Program Only
Investment: $339

Package 2:

Optional addition is a 2-session series of one-on-one coaching calls with me to help you dive more deeply into creating the changes you want to see in your life.

Investment: $489 (includes: $339 for the group program + a special price of $150 for the coaching sessions (regular $226).

Contact me to discuss if this program is a good fit for you:



For Friends and Family

Reset Your Resilience: Tap into Conscious EFTtm for Stress Relief

It is becoming well known that it can take 21 days to establish a new habit. So we have expanded our program to support the establishment of a solid foundation for stress relief, self-regulation and resilience.

In these 4 session, 6.5 hour programs you will:

  • learn about Conscious EFT and how it can help you build a solid foundation to manage stress, and how you can use it yourself or with a coach/practitioner
  • experience how tapping can provide peace and calm in the moment and how it supports new insights and perspectives around our current challenges
  • take home 8 tapping tools for self-regulation for the daily ups and downs of life

Programs are divided into four sessions: The intro session is 2 hours, with 3 additional ninety-minute sessions at weekly intervals for exploring your new foundation of resilience, questions and support. SDepending on your location and needs of the group, sessions may be offered in-person or on zoom.

Connect with me to discuss how to bring this powerful tool to your friends or family.


For your Workplace

Self-Care for the Caregiver

Are you stressed and burned out from supporting clients in crisis? Join us to learn how you can release this load and create calm and resilience.
This three-session, 6 hour program is specifically designed for those who provide support and care for others as part of their jobs. We know that those in the helping professions work in highly stressful environments and are vulnerable to taking on the traumas of their clients. EFT is a cutting-edge, scientifically-proven mind/body technique that quickly stops the stress response.

This workshop will provide both information and experience.
You will learn:

  • the origin of EFT and how it can be used by individuals and professionals,
  • the science behind EFT and Energy Psychology(EP), and how they balance the nervous system,
  • how you can work more deeply to experience the benefits of EFT in your own life, and
  • how and where to learn more about Conscious EFT™ to use with others.

You will experience:

  • how tapping can reduce stress and bring calm in the moment,
  • how to use these tools to build a solid foundation of emotional success.

You will take home:

  • educational resources and tapping tools for your own self care.

This program consists of one 3-hour introductory session, followed by 3 one-hour integration sessions where you will deepen your understanding and receive support in using Conscious EFT regularly to manage your stress.

Please contact me to discuss how we can bring this essential resource to your workplace or small group.

On-demand Classes

Put Some LIFE in Your Diet!

Learn how to improve your digestion, support your microbiome and boost your immunity with ferments, sprouts and living foods. It's easy to add these yummy LIVE foods into your daily diet. We make 4 different fermented recipes to show you different types of foods, we learn how to grow sprouts, in jars and trays, and we make some nut/seed milks. And we learn a bit about the nutrition behind living foods and why they bring so much new energy into your day. $39Cdn

When you purchase this course, I'll send you an email with details to access it.

Live Virtual Classes

This is a free webinar introducing Conscious EFT. In these 45 minute sessions, you will:

  • learn about EFT/Tapping and how it works
  • experience how tapping can ease stress and tension in the space of a few moments
  • take home three tapping tools you can use yourself every day

Offered Monthly on the the first Monday of the Month at 7 pm Atlantic

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