Wellness Coaching

Let's have a conversation about how we can work together. We start by discussing your goals and challenges, and then we work to establish a solid foundation to support your new journey. Our tools include Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Havening Techniques® and Emotional Success Coaching, with optional added ‘ingredients’ ​including ​Whole-Food/Anti-inflammatory Nutrition Education and Energy Work.

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Working with Me

We all have different goals depending on where we are in our life.

  • You may have a specific goal in mind, such as being more comfortable with public speaking or feeling more confident in that job interview or presentation;
  • You may want help navigating a particularly challenging period of your life; or
  • You may want to understand what’s behind self-defeating patterns in your life.

We can work together to design the right process for you.

I've used Conscious EFT™ and Havening Techniques to make significant changes in my own life, including exploring my fears and limiting beliefs, and continue to deepen this journey.


Outcomes to Expect

I understand the challenges and conflicts we face as humans in this crazy world. I hold a space of calm, compassion, non-judgement and safety for you to explore what’s holding you back. I work from a trauma-informed place that establishes safety without forcing you to dig into areas that don't feel safe. I can help you:

  • build a foundation of nervous system resilience to smooth the ups and downs of daily life
  • understand how your nervous system works and make friends with it
  • understand where unwanted behaviours come from so you can create new patterns that feel more supportive
  • identify ways to make lasting changes that improve your quality of life
  • chart a course for change that makes sense to your life right now