Restore Mind/Body Wellness with Energy Psychology (Emotional Freedom Techniques & Havening)

EFT is a cutting-edge, scientifically-proven mind/body technique that quickly stops the stress response and opens space for real change. Havening Techniques is a cousin of EFT, and like EFT, has significant research in physiology and neuroscience demonstrating how and why it works.

Work with me to release the barriers that hold you back from your best life.

Create a life of peace, joy and creativity!

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Let’s Work Together

Step one in creating the foundation of a working relationship is simply getting to know each other. Please book a complimentary consultation by phone or online. This is essential in getting to know your challenges and what you want to change. And also to answer questions you have about EFT and how we will work together.


Foundation Series: Transformation comes from a new place within us. In this series, you will create and nurture that new space. - 4 EFT sessions over 6 to 8 weeks

In these 4 sessions, we will work together to:

  • build skills and increase your capacity to maintain a balanced nervous system and manage the ups and downs of daily life
  • develop a clear vision of what you would like to change in your life
  • identify meaningful, motivating and measurable steps that will move you forward on your path towards sustainable change

Investment: $500 CDN

Deep Transformation - 10 EFT sessions over 5 to 6 months​. This series is for those who have completed the Foundation Series and are ready to move forward with specific goals.

Our work together will build new skills and strengthen your ability to make change by:

  • developing mindful awareness of limiting patterns and behaviours
  • creating a clear vision for the life you want to experience and taking inspired actions towards your long-term goals

Investment: $1125 CDN

How do we accomplish your goals?

When we set out to make change in our lives, it's like we are creating a new map. We are learning more about what is required to make safe, significant and sustainable change in our lives. Research is supporting the notion that  the turtle, who takes small but steady steps will actually reach his goal before the hare, who takes big bouncing leaps.

Energy Psychology gives us effective evidence-based tools to help us create a clear road map and a supportive landscape where we plant our seeds of change.

What is Energy Psychology (EP)?

Energy Psychology(EP) is a collection of mind-body approaches for understanding and improving human functioning. EP focuses on the relationship between thoughts, emotions, sensations, and behaviors, and known bioenergy systems (such as meridians and the biofield).

What is EFT?

Emotional Freedom Techniques is one of the main EP tools used. Tapping as it is sometimes known, is used by mental health and wellness practitioners, therapists, coaches, educators, parents and individuals across the world. Over 100 peer-reviewed, scientific studies have demonstrated its efficacy in treating anxiety, overwhelm, depression, trauma, addictions, chronic health issues, pain, athletic performance and challenges around money, relationships or career.

Conscious EFT™ uses a trauma-informed and phased framework, to support safe, significant and sustainable change.

What are Havening Techniques?

Havening Techniques is another very effective and extensively-researched EP technique. Havening Techniques have three (3) distinct applications—the first is for emotional disturbances and encoded psychological trauma; the second is for wellness, stress management, and peak performance; and the third is a self-help tool.

I use both Conscious EFT™ and Havening Techniques in an Emotional Freedom coaching framework to help clients release unhelpful emotions and beliefs, gain insight around what is holding them back and develop clear and inspired actions to move forward.

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The Benefits of EFT and Havening Techniques

  • manage stress in-the-moment
  • gentle and easy to learn
  • helps with depression, trauma, addictions, chronic health issues, pain
  • improves athletic performance, challenges around money, relationships or career
  • brings peace and calm to your busy day
  • transforms limiting beliefs, patterns and habits to help you experience the life you want

After an EFT session with Georgia, her explanation of the technique and my hands-on practice allowed me to refocus my thoughts in a more positive way. I appreciate that tapping can be done anywhere at any time! I’ve used tapping when I’m walking by the ocean with my dog. It is an easy way to release tension and bring positive energy into my body. I really appreciate this alternative healing practice and I recommend Georgia as a valuable and thoughtful practitioner! (R. L. Nova Scotia)

Peace and calm are at the tips of your fingers!