Resources for Breast Cancer Integrative Healing Members

Reset your Resilience

A journey through cancer challenges our physical, mental, spiritual and emotional capacity at a basic level. We are all doing the best we can in any moment to keep it together and do what we can to care of ourselves in this new and uncertain territory. Some days it seems impossible. It might feel like we are on our last nerve.

What is your experience?

Do you feel like you have to fight this demon? Or do you want to hide from it? Neither feeling is wrong, and some days you might feel both, and many other urges and emotions. The emotional turmoil that accompanies this journey makes it even more difficult to navigate and feel certain that we are doing what we can to come through to the other side. Learning how to balance our nervous system is an essential step in navigating this journey.

How I can help

I work with women to help them make peace with the emotions and confusion that comes up, develop new ways to regulate their nervous systems, and build a solid core of emotional resilience.

I offer a number of resources for members of this group, all based in Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine:

  • Videos available through the Breast Cancer Integrative Healing Facebook page. Check out these links:


  • Small group programs for friends and families wanting to support each other through this journey. These single session workshops on zoom are 2 hours and you will learn how to use Tapping, Havening and other tools for emotional first aid and self regulation.  The investment for a small group of 2 to 6 people is $195US. Connect with me to book a session for you and your friends or family.


  • Tap into a New Foundation - this is a 6 week small-group support program for those going through a cancer journey. (minimum of 5 participants and maximum of 8). Weekly sessions will be 2 hours. You will:
    • learn techniques for emotional first aid and emotional self-regulation;
    • experience the benefits of using these tools during and after class;
    • take home tools to build a foundation of emotional success to use daily.

 This group program has three purposes:

    1. To help participants learn to use these Conscious EFT, Havening Techniques and other Energy Medicine tools to build stability and resilience to navigate the challenges of daily life.
    2. To offer support to each other on this journey. Each week we will do some group tapping to address issues that are coming up for for us. EFT is well known for 'borrowing benefits' , meaning that when we tap together as a group, we each receive benefits even though our issues and concerns may not be the same. These group tapping sessions will help us all by reducing distress, increasing well-being, and the sharing insights that help us all.
    3. To provide space for individuals to explore and process specific issues they are facing. There are many benefits to coming together as a group. Each week, one or two participants will be invited delve more deeply into a specific issue or concern. Each participant will have the chance to do this at least once or twice throughout the program. Please note that this participation is voluntary and your choice will be respected.

This is a powerful program where we come together with a common purpose and an intention to hold each other in compassion, respect and support. Participation is also a commitment to self care.

Investment: $180US is a special rate offered to members of this group.

This program is offered quarterly. These are the dates for the next available Tap into a New Foundation:

Wednesdays April 5 through May 10, 2023 - on zoom

    • Times for North America:
    • Atlantic (Halifax): 2 pm
    • Eastern (New York): 1 pm
    • Central (Chicago): noon
    • Mountain (Denver): 11 am
    • Pacific (Los Angeles): 10 am

Please message me to discuss if this program is a good fit for you. We need a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 8 participants. Once this group has been confirmed, payment will be made through paypal.

  • Individual coaching packages for those on the cancer journey, or their supporters. I ask clients to commit to a minimum of 3 to 4 coaching sessions because significant and sustainable change does not happen all at once. In these series, clients learn how to support their nervous systems to come back to balance, and then we work to identify key goals that support a grounded and resilient state - one that we can come back to in moments of stress and upset. During this time we also identify longer term goals for transformational work. Book a complementary discovery call to see how we can work together. I offer a special price of $70 per 60 minute session, pro-rated for the number of sessions you book. For a longer series of sessions, I offer 10 sessions for the price of 9.