Finding a Recipe for Transformation

I have always been interested in food and how we nourish ourselves, and that journey has brought a lot of surprises over the last few decades. One of my early motivators was the belief that, if I knew what to eat, I would be thin, healthy and perfect. I did make some amazing health transformations, but I still lost and gained the same 50 pounds a few times. My last exploration of how to make myself perfect involved the study of raw/living nutrition and I was raw vegan for over three years and had some amazing outcomes. But life can be challenging, and without a good emotional and energetic foundation, I could not stay perfect.

There is a well-used saying that “we are what we eat”, and there are countless experts claiming how a  specific diet can create better health. But there are so many supposedly perfect diets. Which one is right? It’s confusing. But we are driven to find the ONE that works for us. We keep trying a new one, hoping that it will make us healthy (read perfect, acceptable, lovable…). I remember following a few different diets and achieving what I thought would be permanent perfection several times. “This time, I will never be fat again!” But we are more than just physical beings, and without addressing the residue of stress, chronic illness and a lot of conditioned learnings about who I am and how I need to be to feel safe in the world, perfection eluded me.

I recently dug out an old book that has been waiting for me to read again with new eyes. In his book Nourishing Wisdom, Marc David shows us how we “eat what we are” There is a lot to unpack in this statement, but here are a few appetizers to stimulate the digestion. If we eat in a state of stress, fear or self-punishment (I must eat this or I will be sick, fat or unacceptable), we put our nervous systems into fight or flight. So we have stress chemicals flowing through our veins. And we can’t absorb the full nutrition of the food, even if it is “really healthy”. So the result of many diets is repeated weight gain, and this strengthens our fear and self-judgement, locking us into a downward spiral. And too many of us are stuck in chronic stress, which makes everything more complicated leads to a whole variety of problems with digestion, our immune systems, chronic conditions that show up as physical and mental health challenges.

The opposite of the fight/flight nervous system state is called rest and digest. In this state, we are calm, present and able to make clear and sound decisions. AND we can digest and absorb the goodness of our meals. Without stress chemicals, our body’s natural wisdom can take over, releasing inflammation and weight we don’t need and healing other imbalances.
We now know that we need more than just a balanced diet. We need to balance our mind, body and emotions to create a new result. And there is an increasing menu of simple and effective tools to create the biological and energetic state that supports change. This realization was the seed for the birth of Energy for Transformation. Our work supports a gentle exploration and balance of one’s emotional landscape, to create a safer space within. And from there, we can take action to nourish ourselves to build the life we always wanted.

Conscious EFTtm (Emotional Freedom Techniques) opened the door for me to create an emotional space that held more possibilities, creativity and self-care. Now I know that the recipe for true wellbeing calls for good food, mixed with some curiosity and self-compassion, and intentional choices that bring our body, mind and emotions into a state that supports life.

Using Conscious EFTtm/Tapping we can tap into a new relationship with how we nurture ourselves. And when we combine tapping with whole and living foods that nourish our bodies and microbiomes, we can create a new way of feeding ourselves. We take clear and effective steps to transform limiting beliefs, patterns and behaviours that have held us back. This has been my experience and is why I want to share these gifts with you. I hope this has in some way inspired you.

Nourish your best self!

Best, xox
February 26, 2021