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Join Candace Fox and Georgia Barnwell for a 3 hour workshop to learn self/emotional regulation tools and techniques along with nutritional information for a healthy gut/brain relationship for AD[H]Ders who also struggle with binge eating or disordered eating habits.

This topic holds both a personal and professional interest for both Candace and Georgia who have been on their own healing journey from binge eating/disordered eating.

The workshop will cover a variety of topics from self regulation tools to using nutrition to support a healthy gut/brain relationship.

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Canada’s National Emotional Freedom Techniques Training Institute provides a 12-week program “DISCOVER Conscious EFT™” that offers Stress Reduction, Symptom Management & Self-Regulation around current life issues.

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EFT/Tapping Training and Research Sources

NeftTI – National EFT Training Institute

Nutrition Resources

​Edison Institute of Nutrition

​Bodymind Institute