Tending Our Gardens

Gardening season is special to me in so many ways! It brings both a practical and a symbolic connection to how we move through life. In Nova Scotia, the seeds we planted and nurtured in spring are now maturing, and we are now deep into harvest season. I always feel hopeful but a bit uncertain when I first plan the garden and finally plant the seeds. There is the anticipation of the young growth appearing in a few days, and I always feel excited and grateful when this happens. And I celebrate the fresh new growth!

The next phase can be where I lose my focus. Watering and weeding are needed to protect our new babies. Sometimes those weeds are on steroids! They can jump up overnight, and in a couple of days, can completely overtake and even hide the things I planted so carefully. This phase requires a bit more dedication and consistency of care, even if it’s only a little bit every day.

When I first started gardening, I used to procrastinate on the weeding, and that was a disaster. When weeding could simply not be put off any longer, I would be out there for hours, breaking my back, digging and pulling weeds, and trying to save my tiny seedlings – blaming myself for not looking after them. Lots of crops were lost to weeds within a very few days. I hated weeding. It was just too hard! And that made me procrastinate even more. You can see where this is going…

I finally decided to try a different approach – why not find an easier way to tend the garden? One that gives me time to actually enjoy being out there with all those growing things! I started taking out my morning coffee to sit and enjoy as I looked around the garden. I would see a little weedy thing poking its head up here or there, and I started to enjoy pulling out these tiny intruders when I could do it for a few minutes each day.

When I weeded weekly, I was easily intimidated by the huge overgrowth that faced me, and many times I lost the connection to what I had planted in the first place. What did I even plant there? And do I really want it if I have to do this much work to keep it growing? Maybe I will just stop trying and give that up! Sigh.

It took a while for me to make this change to daily weeding. Some weeks were better than others but eventually, I started to look forward to these short excursions into the garden. And I found the weeding out of small things to be satisfying instead of intimidating. I could always keep my eye on the prize, which was the anticipated harvest!

I’m sure we all have similar growing experiences, whether it is a garden of plants or the growing of a new part of our lives.

Conscious EFT™ has really helped me navigate the circle of planting and harvesting.

It helps me develop clear intentions on what I want to plant in my life. And it is a real champ at weeding out those things that pop up to keep me from nurturing the new growth. These ‘weeds’ can be as simple as not knowing how to accomplish a new task (like learning how to schedule social media posts). They can also be bigger things like limiting beliefs coming from a lifetime of experiences that taught me “I will never finish what I start.”

We all have these weeds waiting to pop up and challenge us as we move through life.

Tapping is useful for both small and big ‘weeds’. I appreciate the daily chance to observe my garden and tap on things as they arise, rather than waiting for them to get out of control. A daily practice of tapping has helped me nurture a more resilient nervous system. And this has allowed me to harvest more patience, understanding and compassion for myself and others. The added benefit is that as I tap on the small things, it teaches my nervous system that I am capable of dealing with the bigger weeds without being intimidated. What a bonus!

If you’d like to learn more about how you can use Conscious EFT™ to help you grow a new garden, check out my upcoming offerings or give me a shout to schedule a free conversation.